Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zino Francescatti

Amongst the youngsters of today, many violinists of the old days are considered weak and incapable of holding the jockstraps of the present day violinists, when in reality the opposite applies.

I have been told by many a student how great Maxim Vengerov is and that he has perhaps the best technique ever.

In my humble opinion the violinist with the greatest technique is NOT anyone of today. The greatest is up for debate, but there may not be a violinist who ever was able to mix technique with ease.

ZINO FRANCESCATTI. Zino was the product of two violinists. His father was a violinist and his mother was also a violinist. His mother had been his fathers student, so he took lessons from his father and his fathers assistant......his father had a unique pedigree, he had studied with Camille Sivori who had been Paganini's only true student.

Listening to Francescatti play Paganini is indeed a revelation. There is a live recital from the library of congress that is unreal.

This film of Francescatti playing Bazzini's La Ronde des Lutins gives you an idea of the balls on this guy. He plays it with such ease and musicality that you want to punch him, and when he finishs he looks like it is no big deal, and just has to fix the lapel on his tail coat.


and just to prove to you that it is indeed far better than vengerov.....

a note to all of you boys and girls....making faces does not make you play better

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