Sunday, February 15, 2009

before there were three

Being opera lovers, people tend to come up to the both of us and profess their love for opera. When pressed for more details, they usually get to the point where they say, they love that Nessun Dorma song.....

Yup, everything you ever thought you wanted to know about opera summed up in a 90 minute concert broadcast on PBS. Is that opera, is that even singing for that matter.

Pavarotti is perhaps the most famous of the three tenors, he of the large size, but of the wonderous voice. Domingo was the more intellectual and more studied artist and performer And I quote Seinfeld when I call Jose Carreras as "the other guy."

there was somthing much more electric about Pavarotti. His voice had a sparkle and a gleam that was far greater than all the other singers of his generation. He had power, grace and elegance in his voice. IT was not for nothing that Karajan picked Pavarotti to perform the Verdi REquiem with him.

It is both a blessing and a pity that he got so famous. He did bring opera to the masses (lot of good that has done) but it took him away from true opera. The stadium concert amounts to little more than an event with some screaming.

We can be sure that he did not take himself that seriously.

but if you simply must listen to him sing NEssun Dorma, please listen to this version when he was still a singer and not just a celebrity:

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