Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hello, we are Sir Arthur and Mr Spiggott. The aim of this blog is to NOT ONLY talk about classical music, BUT ALSO talk about sports.

As sometimes former musicians, we both enjoy classical music immensely and find that the public, rightly or wrongly...possibly both, has let too many horrid performers become well paid and culturally important.

This blog will be rife with anecdotes about the working musician and his struggle against the world, special guest writers from the world of classical music, news about the arts, and through the use of modern technology, we will endeavor to compare, point out, and rail against what amounts to poor taste in today's classical music scene.

In regards to sports, Sir Arthur is a Mets fan, and Mr Spiggott is a Yankee fan, so our mutual love for baseball is only rivaled by our hatred for each others team. It might surprise you to know that musicians are great sports fans....I suppose it has to do with the fact that they spend all their lives not being allowed to play sports for fear of hurting their hands and because they end up training in the northeast of the United States, where sports is if not the top religion, places second behind reckless driving and senatorial speculation.


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