Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NY Baseball report.....the first of many

now that A-Rod has informed the world that he has been using the juice, we now have to deal with the fallout. A-Rod being the little baby that he is, will have problems dealing with the media, with the circus, with Madonna, with living up to his contract.

So I say that the Yankees need to go for broke. They need to bring in Manny Ramirez.

How much is it going to cost them to have Manny in the outfield. If King George were an earlier incarnation, and not the MADNESS of King George, Manny would have a contract for 5 years at 25 million already.

Why do you want Manny in the outfield? Well, here is a guy who can play under pressure. He can flat out hit, carry a team and deal with the media. He doesn't care about much. Note, that this is the total opposite of A-Rod. With Manny in the line up, A-Rod will hit a lot better. Ask Big Papi how much he misses Manny right about now.

You should have him, just to irritate the Red Sox fans, just so that when he goes to Fenway, they can throw stuff at him and he can go and pee on the big green monster.

Let's face it, this year with the new stadium, with all the crazy new characters in the NEW Yankee stadium, A-Roid Central....why don't the yanks go the full nine innings and have TRUE Bronx zoo?

The Mets? That is an entirely different story. No lead will ever be safe in a game until the game is over, no lead will be safe in the division until the season is over. They will look over their shoulders every pitch while the hope K-Rod finishes each game and look up to the heavens.

Which first baseman will show up for the mets? The Carlos Delgado that took the field the first half of the season, or the Carlos Delgado who was the MVP of the second half?

Which old player will the mets try to sign in order to show that they have a soft spot for the elderly and decrepit? They had Julio Franco, El Duque, Tom Glavine, and MOises Alou. don't remind me of the time they signed Frank Tanana in 1993. Signing a man who pitched in the 90's in the 70's but only in the 70's in the 90's.

I heard that Oil Can Boyd wants a try out.....are you listening Omar?

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