Saturday, March 14, 2009

enter the sandman...exit the sand bag

When I heard the news that A-Rod would need surgery and wouldn't be with the team at the begining of the season, I was not really concerned. That concern begins with the fact that I am a Met fan, and don't really care about the Yanks. However one thing has been as steady as death and taxes....and that is the entrance of Mariano Rivera.

Watching him in 1996 it was hard to imagine that the guy would be around 12 years later and still the greatest closer I have ever seen.

He has done everything you can to win games, hold leads, blow away the opposition etc. That any flaws he has had on his certain hall of fame career get overlooked. Blowing the 2001 World Series would have seemed like something that no player could come back from, and indeed some people have called that the night that the Yankee Dynasty ended, however Marian Rivera keeps coming back and throwing stuff that you know is going to come but you can't do anything about (reminds me of the joke that asks how are viola solos like premature know they are coming but there isn't a damn thing you can do about it).

Last year, he had a great year and played injured. Giving his all, he worked the innings that needed to be done and went out there to battle for every inning. When the war was lost he admitted to his physical deterioration and had surgery.

Rivera says he is ready for opening day. Even if he ISN'T ready, he will not make excuses he will give his all and get the job done as best as he can.

You wonder if A-Rod watches or notices these things.....or is he too wrapped up in himself!

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